Who are your musical influences?

The Beatles, Led Zepplin, Journey, Stevie Ray Vaughan


What do you like to do when not playing with the band?

Spending the day on the lake in my boat and fishing


What is your musical experience / background?

I have played in many bands over the years including: The Combustables, Summerfield, Flatland, Hometown Rejects, Breaking Point, Younger Daze, Back Traxx, Faster Blue Gill, And The Brew City Rockers!


When did you start playing guitar?

I started playing guitar when I was 8 and was in my first band when I was 10.


What is your most memorable musical experience or brush with fame?

Backing up Pat Benatar at Headliners in Madison with the Hometown Rejects


What inspired you to pursue music?

When the Beatles hit the scene I was hooked!


What is your hometown?



What are your favorite movies?

Animal House, The Money Pit, Stripes, Any comedy in general


Favorite quote / the guide to your life / etc.

Treat others the way you want to be treated.