Who are your musical influences?

Keith Emerson, Neil Doughty of REO


What do you like to do when not playing with the band?

Think about playing in the band. Spend time with kids.


What is your musical experience / background?

First band I was in I did sound, which I enjoyed being able to add my touch to the mix, trying to find the right effect to enhance vocals. Played in a couple basement bands before playing with the band Pleaser for a number of years playing clubs and weddings (before people began hiring DJs for weddings). After that started a band with the bass player called City Limits, playing a mix of classic rock and what was then called “new country”. That band morphed into Prime Suspect as things changed into more of a classic rock band with a touch of new country. After the bass player moved out of town, I took a break for about 10 years to focus on work and family. Missed playing out and got back in to it about 8 years ago, joining Rock Solid. Was in an oldies/classic rock side band called Those Other Guys, which changed into Nostalgia Drive, playing music from the 70s to 2000s. Met a lot of musicians along the way, and still do an occasional open jam with them, which is great fun and brings out a good crowd.


When did you start singing/performing?

Started playing organ in grade school. Self-guided lessons on cassette tape/books. Got a few lessons with a teacher when my parents saw I was sticking with it and upgraded to a better model Wurlitzer, similar to what was being used at the old County Stadium. Guess that counts as a musical influence because I had always enjoyed hearing the organ being played during the baseball games when my dad took me. That also reminds me of the great church organ I’d hear every week at St Rita’s with its full sound you could sometimes feel from the large pipes.


What is your most memorable musical experience or brush with fame?

I’ve had a number of memorable experiences, which is what makes playing in a band fun. There’s always stories to tell. Brush with fame? I met Bob Kames (creator of the Chicken Dance song heard at just about every wedding for years) once when looking to buy a home organ.


What inspired you to pursue music?

See comments on County Stadium and St Rita’s.


What is your hometown?




What are your favorite movies?

Flight of the Phoenix (both original and remake), Star Wars, Star Trek, (science fiction in general)


Favorite quote / the guide to your life / etc.

Hold on to your butts!” – Samuel L. Jackson, Jurassic Park

“Always carry a litter bag in your car. It doesn’t take up much room, and if it gets full you can just toss it out the window” – Steve Martin