Who are your musical influences?

Elvis Presley, Rolling Stones, Prince, Billy Idol, Bon Jovi


What do you like to do when not playing with the band?

Spend time with family, play soccer, karaoke, see other bands


What is your musical experience / background?

I used to listen to songs and write the lyrics down on paper, before computers and I got my first opportunity to sing with “Those Good Intentions” making a few guest appearances at festivals when I was 16.  From there, I sang and ran karaoke shows for years before working with some basement bands beginning in 2005 and playing with “Hazmat” from late 2007-2008.  I am happy to have landed with a very fun, professional and talented group of musicians with “The Brew City Rockers”


When did you start singing/performing?

Singing with “Those Good Intentions” at festivals and other area gigs when I was 16.


What is your most memorable musical experience or brush with fame?

Steven Adler (Adler’s Appetite, formerly of Gun’s N Roses) kissed me on the cheek at a meet ‘n greet after their show at Turner’s Ballroom in March 2009.  I took 2nd place in a karaoke contest at State Fair in 2003 and if I would have taken 1st I would have won the opportunity to go on stage and introduce Kelly Clarkson for her performance.  Non-musically related I auditioned for the movie “Major League” in the summer of 1988 and made it to the final cut before missing 2 ground balls, thus ending my shot at a movie career.


What inspired you to pursue music?

As a kid, watching & listening to Elvis perform in concert on TV and seeing the unbelievable crowd response.


What is your hometown?



Hales Corners a/k/a The HC


What are your favorite movies?

The Shining, Caddyshack, Point Break, Braveheart, Meet the Parents, Walking Tall (with The Rock) 


Favorite quote / the guide to your life / etc.

I have a few:   

“Don't criticize what you don't understand, son, you never walked in that man's shoes“,

“May All Your Ups and Downs be Under the Sheets”,

“Work Hard, Play Harder”  

“Never Apologize for Being Good at Something”,

“Anything worth having isn’t easy”  

“Go Big or Go Home”